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Tracer Heights is a power trio fusing rock, blues and bluegrass
with the spirit of psychedelic improvisational music.


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Tracer Heights Releases New Studio Album FIRST SIGHT!

Sep 7, 2021

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the first Tracer Heights studio album FIRST SIGHT has been released! The music is available for purchase on Bandcamp! You will also find it appearing on your favorite streaming service in the coming days and weeks (if it hasn’t already) and of course physical copies and download codes can be purchased at any Tracer Heights shows.

Crafted during the pandemic lockdown of 2020, the band sealed themselves in their basement studio for months working out the arrangements for their very first batch of studio recordings. The album includes songs that have been road tested for years as well as some brand new tunes, all featuring the band’s signature genre-spanning electric-banjo-power-trio sound (no guitars were used or harmed in the making of this record).

The music was captured in the spring of 2021 at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City over four 5-hour sessions, and this live approach to recording has put lightning in a bottle. Over the course of this 65 minute opus, the band effortlessly switches from newgrass (Dresser Drawers, The Storm), to tightly constructed pop music (It Doesn’t Matter, The Book of Mouth), to evil bluesy dirge music (Caramel Sun), to dark introspection (Rust), to extended improvisational space rock and funk (Thinking Back, First Sight, Bend Below). All three members each contribute both lead and backup vocals, as well as a solo “meditation” piece, providing the listener with intimate glimpses into the heart, mind and soul of a band on the rise.

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